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One of RETINEO Ingeniería’s strategic objectives is to participate in research projects within R&D&i programmes, collaborating with universities, technology centres and public authorities.

Our commitment to this goal is reflected in the fact that we have dedicated around 20% of staff time, as well as material resources (equipment and consumables), to R&D&i.

The most notable projects in which RETINEO Ingeniería has participated are:

  • Materials and innovative techniques for the conservation of historic masonry structures (Innommas)
  • Development of a methodology for detecting the extent of corrosion of concrete and effective repair (EXTREPHOR- INNPACTO 2012), a project co- financed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance under ERDF.

Currently, Retineo Ingeniería is undertaking a new research project:

  • Advanced Spectrometry Analysis techniques using X-Ray Fluorescence for on-site concrete damage deterioration process evaluation (XRF Techniques for Concrete Damage Evaluation XRFT-CODE)

Innovation in construction

One of RETINEO Ingeniería’s objectives is to continue to make technological improvements in its production work.

Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional     Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad


1 - Desarrollo de un método de ensayo para determinar la resistencia a tracción del hormigón. 2 - Desarrollo de un método de ensayo de gato plano para determinar la tensión de trabajo de un muro de fábrica u hormigón. 3 - Ensayos para consolidar fábrica de tapial. 4 - Investigación y desarrollo de un sistema para consolidar hormigones fisurados por retracción plástica mediante inyección gravitacional. 5 - Desarrollo de un procedimiento de refuerzo mediante barras de fibras de vidrio. 6 - Desarrollo de un procedimiento de refuerzo mediante armadura exterior con barras de fibras de carbono.